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1. Regularly charge your batteries. Let them fully charge before disconnecting the charger. With deep cycle batteries, even recharge after short usage.

2. Especially in cold environments, be sure to keep your batteries charged. If you leave an uncharged battery exposed to freezing temperatures, the battery will freeze and crack.

3. In warm environments, store cars and batteries in cool places or at least away from direct sun exposure.

4. Water batteries regularly if they are the unsealed type. Use distilled water only. Do not overfill. Most batteries have a tab at the bottom of the fill cap that will indicate the proper fill level.

5. Do not overcharge your batteries as it deteriorates the integrity of the plates.

6. Do not use solid or liquid additives in your batteries.

7. PLEASE, DO NOT empty out the fluid in the battery and replace it with new battery acid. It is very harmful to our environment and it is not effective in the long term.

8. Use a good electronic desulfator that will help to eliminate hard sulfates from the plates. The life and performance of a battery can be increased be keeping the hard sulfates off the plates.

9. For deep cycle applications, once a month, after a full charge and rest period, charge the system again. This will help to eliminate stratification.

10. Never mix old and new batteries without installing a Desulfator.

11. Keep the battery terminals clean, replace connections that are rotting.

If you have questions about battery maintenance, please feel free to contact me.
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