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We have always ran 20.8X38 duals on our machines. 38 to enable us to get into our shop easily. With all this mud and compaction, I switched my order for next year to the logger tires on a 9870. Have a few neighbors who love them. Is this a mistake? Whats the best option on the rear? Would the big metric duals be a better choice on the front?

Thanks in advance!
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Also might mention we have soils ranging from sand to muck, with no till clay hills thrown in also. lol
I run the 76x50x32's on a 9660sts. They are great in the mud. Only problem is roading when the tires are cold. I can only run around 9 or 10 mph until the tires warm up. After they warm up they ride as good as any tire. They also ride really good in the field. I wouldn't won't anything else unless I had to run on the road a lot. They definitely tread lightly in the field!
We run 800/38s on our 9870 and 710/38s on our 9770 and they are awesome. The only issue is how wide the combine is but they are worth it. We never turn around for mud and the do not rut the fields up unless it is really really soft. Compaction is no longer a issue for us.
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