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Laury, thank you so much for posting this valuable information. We all need to reminded of such things from time to time, as we forget or just overlook such details to get the most and best from our machines.

I remember in a 1985 newsletter Case-IH used to publish, about what they called the "quick kill." It was the same thing this one calls the "kill-stall." Yes, it only sounds abusive, but is not, and as stated, is one of the most accurate ways to read exactly how the crop fares inside a combine's separator.
I've done it before, too. Only minor "discomfort" for the combine, but it's a fair procedure--nothing really hurt at all.
This fall, I will probably do it a few times as I will be taking turns on 2 machines and switching crops as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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