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I am not an expert, but this info is close...

400 series, Generation 1 tracks. Not sure if they had pivoting mid-rollers. They probably all had 3 speed transmissions and not very powerful as the machines are heavy. 4 wd helps with torque. Guessing 15 mph

500 series, Generation 2 tracks, refined from Gen 1 and are visually different. Pivoting mid-rollers. I think all machines had 3 speed transmission and not real powerful. 595 had 2 speed transmission and likely more power. 4wd helps with torque as it reduced the gear speed. Guessing 15.5 mph and maybe 18 on the 595.

700 series, early machines, 740 had older Gen 2 tracks and weaker 3 speed transmission, 15.5 mph (what I have). 750 had optional Gen 3 (25 mph, hydraulic suspended, smooooth) with likely 2 speed powerful transmission. 760 and 770 had Gen 3 tracks, two speed powerful transmission, but only 18-20 mph.

700 series currently seem to not offer the Gen 2 design, only Gen 3 or tires. Appears to be all 2 speed transmissions with much more power than older 3 speed. They even offer their own Claas rear axle that doesn't, or almost doesn't slow the machine down.

The Claas is a heavy machine, always has been. If you have tracks, with the older 3 speed transmission, 4wd really helps give it more power. Otherwise, harvesting in 1st gear is pretty common to achieve power needed in hills. The track machine takes more power when turning, and doesn't turn as sharp as tires. The newer 700 series turn sharper than ever due to redesign.

If you want power, get the new two speed transmission. If you want fast road speeds, get the new two speed transmission with the 25 mph road speed on Gen 3 tracks.

The new 700 series are nice machines. I wouldn't be interested in a Claas without tracks...easier to service, narrow transport, very smooth in the field and road, less compaction, better resale. Really, it is the only dependable and comfortable track option available on any harvester today, factory or aftermarket, in my opinion.
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