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tracks for CASE IH 1680

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I want to fit a pair of tracks on a CASE IH 1680.
Does anybody know where can I find one?
Is it possible to fit a pair of CASE IH QUADTRACK tracks (older model)?
Do you know the cost?
Thank you
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Do you have any other solution?
What about the modification with used QUADRACK tracks?
Maybe from salvage?
That's for sure. I couldn't believe the quote sheet at the 2007 Illinois farm progress show. Thirty-five thousand I think is what soucy would be quoting him. You might try Gilbert & Riplo company at Ravenna Michigan 231-853-2284. I don't know much about them except from their brochure.
If you contact CNH over the web. They'll just tell you to go to your local CNH dealership. I know this from experience with their website (they're a bunch of D....). Anyway Boothheel tractor parts might help. Abilane Machine.
I had found Gilbert & Riplo company too but I have not communicated yet as I am looking for something less expensive, so I will try the other option you gave me, thanks
I bought a set of used Case metal tracks for cheap. Just have to look around. I got laughed at for about 3 days over the phone calling folks. I love these tracks on my 2188. Engine never lugs and you can cut anywhere. Gilbert & Rips are awsome but expensive, my neighbor has some on a green machine. I have 7 roller tracks 20" wide. You may can get a price from case dealer on new set.
9 times out of 10, when you get laughed at, it is usually a sign that you are doing the right thing.
I would prefer got laughed and do my job too...
Thank you for your suggestion, I'll check up on it
I priced Gilbert and Riplo this past sept. and was quoted 54,000 for new ones, and 45,000 for reconditioned ones.
I am looking for something less expensive
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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