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2 purchases coming up for the land we use for duck hunting.

Looking at a 12" pto trailer pump

  • specs: 60 hp @ 600 rpm pushes 5000 gpm with a 31 head
My ? is could I run a tractor with 100 hp at the pto (1000 pto) at 60% to efficiently run the pump?

Tractor (2nd purchase) in mind:

  • white 2-105
  • jd 4020
  • ih 966-1066
any advice appreciated
60 HP with 31' head would take a lot of power. Less back pressure would take a lot less power. I have a 10" Fisher for pumping out a few low spots and run an old IH 1206, about 130 pto, and it handles the pump ok on 540 rpm at 2/3 speed. I do have some back pressure on long runs because I only have 6" aluminum pipe. I remember 30 years ago when we used these pumps for manure at max output, on 1000 rpm they would make a 300 hp tractor blow black smoke all day long. So lower speed and low pressure is the key to lower power requirement, and they will still move a lot of water. 90 hp might be minimum but should work ok , likely at 540 pto speed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts