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Traded 8010s For 7088s

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Well I did it today I traded my 05 and 06 8010s for a pair of New 09 7088s. Never had so many mixed thoughts but its to late now as I signed the papers. I had a deal what was to good to turn down, hopefully I will be content and wont be looking for some 8120s half way thru the harvest season...
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Cutter: Why would you take not a step backwards but a huge step backwards? I will never again go back to the 88.
Like I stated the trade difference on each machine was way to good to pass up. I only harvest wheat with my machines, no corn or beans so I feel I will get along just fine with the 88s. They were a good machine for me for years and I got by fine with them for years with the exception of a lemon I had in 05. I am sure at times I will miss the capacity and lots of the other features but I know I can still cover alot of acres at the end of the day. Funny thing I harvested more aces in 07-08 with 2388s then I did last year with 8010s. So I think on a year to year basis there are only so many days of cutting out there due to conditions so some years are better then others. Like I say I hope it works out and I am not disapointed and looking for the bigger machines.
That's not a step backwards that's an upgrade. No pressure controll bs or feeder issues. U get a great machine that's going to be the best axial flow ever probably of the old design.

Congrats! We loved our 6088.
Yaeh I am excited and I am sure there will be days I would like the big ones back but I can make due with these ones and I am sure I will get along just fine. You cant please everybody so I will do what I have to do to make things work for me. I just cant wait to get them home and get them geared up for the upcoming harvest...
I would have to agree, at the end of the day you made the right choice. On any color the machines are just getting to big and burning way to much fuel than what you get out of them. Hope all works out well, we got rid of an A85 went back to a R76
Really??? Are you serious?? My 8010 burns about the same amount of fuel as our 2188 did, but does alot more. With our 2188 I could only do 3.5 mph in 100 bupa wheat with a 30' head. With our 8010 I can do 5.5 mph with a 35' head.

Cutter 8010 I see your point and sometimes you just need to go with what is best for you, and forget what everyone else says. I was going to get a new 7010 to run in corn, and keep our 2188 to run with the 7010 in wheat, and beans. However we chose to trade our 2188 in, and get a big grain cart rather than try to run, and maintain 2 machines. Another thing was that we got a good deal on our 8010. Everyone said why are you getting a 8010 it's to big of a machine for the ground you till. You don't need a machine that big. We decided to go with it, and it has been one of the best decisions we made. Our plan is to pick up more ground. and with this combine we have a combine to grow into......

Good Luck, and keep us posted on how you make out......
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I had absolutely no complaints about the 8010s and I know they are far more superior in many many ways but the trade I was given I couldnt get anywhere else. I called 3 dealers trying to trade up year models and not one of them called me back after giving them all the info and e-mailing pics. Then a dealership Burks Tractor from Twin Falls Id called us and we was able to agree on some awesome numbers so I made by decision strictly based on a smart business decision. I know that I will get along with them just fine. I just cant wait till May so I can break them in....
You are going to like the 7088's, we had 399 engine hours on each of our new ones, and only had a wire harness problem on one that cost 2 hours of downtime. We ran 40' 2152 drapers on ours and they handled them easily, both capacity, and wieght wise. The longer wheelbase and overall heavier combine made these machines way more stable than our 2588 was with a 36' 2162 flex-draper.
Well good news is nice to get. I will just be running my 973 36' drapers from my 8010s. Its funny the response one guy hates the 8010s and loves the 7088s and the next guy is the opposite. I guess only time will tell..
yeah...i think the 8120's are much improved.....but i guess it should be after however many years of that design being out..
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