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This is my first posting here so bear with me.
Have a '02 2366 now that I want to upgrade to a 2588 or a 9660.
I have been happy with the red combines and service from local dealer but am considering a JD only because I have a very good friend that is the salesman. Both dealers are excellent and local.
I know the case combines very well but the JD guy claims they will really help me get going. Is the 2588 comparable to the 9660?
I have just had such low/acre repairs with the case and I do not think I will get that low of a cost/acre with the JD. I harvest about 2k acres of corn, beans and wheat.

What are the differences in the 2588 and 9660 as to capacity? Will be running 8-30 corn head and 30 flex head.
And what are all the main differences from a 2388 to a 2588? Will the 2588 have the same grain tank size and unload speed as my 2366?
Thanks for and advice

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Class: VI
Case IH engine: 8.3 L
Horsepower: 305
Power rise (hp): 20
Total cleaning area: 7,947 sq. in.
Grain tank (bu.): 290
Unloading speed (max.) 2.4 bu./sec.

Link for Infomation:

Model 9660 CTS
John Deere Engine: 8.1
Horse Power: 305
Power Rise (hp): 33
Total cleaning area: 7,053 sq. in.
Grain tank (bu.): 250
Unloading speed (max.) 2.2 bu./sec.

Link for Information:

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I have owned both. 21,23, and 2588 for many years. 9660 in 05 and 06. Now I'm back to red ( 7010 for 07,08 and 7120 now). Only advantage to 9660 is ease of head hook up and the hydra flex grain platform in beans. I had a 35 ft head on the 9660. Maybe a little short on hp in heavy beans. 2588 probably would be also as I ran 30 ft on 2588. When it comes to corn, the 2588 wins hands down. Less fines, better cleaning system, easier to set, less tailings. Don't let the Deere guys tell you different.

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On the yield monitor, I have ran 3,000+ bph of corn through our 2188. Elevator is weak link there, I believe the newer one's are a little bigger, am I wrong? I don't remember the exact number, as it has been probably 8 years ago. You just can't get that in dryland corn around here alot when it is under 100 bpa.

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Pluses to the JD:
Bigger Clean Grain Elevator
Huge tank extension available-425 bu
Possibly good dealer support
Very strong rotor belt with hydraulic speed change instead of weak electric motor


Possible fire hazard...its not just deere but case with the new plastic sides, they build up static and then burn
Friend of mine has 9660 told me he fried the computer back by the elevators because he blew it off with air and it caused static build up. Cost alot of money and its a stupid place for a computer any way.
Parts are more expencive and imo you will buy more of them

Pluses for 2588
Well proven design-30 plus years with the same basic design
Very reliable
The header up and down switch works the way it is supposed to
More cleaning capacity
No patent work arounds such as no feeder beater and has the cross flow fan


Smaller grain tank
Poor design in the sump area of unloading auger, doesn't drain the grain out well
less clean grain elevator capacity, only an issue if pushing it in corn
rotor belt harder to change and not quite as beefy, still has getto tiny electric motor to change speed just like my 1480s
Better back axle then previous models but the new 88 really addresses this issue.

Over all i'm a case fan. I think they are both good machines but the red ones have proven to last a long long time, we haven't seen that yet out of the sts and from the sounds of it we aren't going to see them last as long. You will probably get more bean capacity with the STS unless you modify your rotor in the 2588. Hope which ever you choose it works out well for you. Personally for a little extra i would go with a 60 or 7088, it addressed all the cons except the rotor speed motor.
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