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Hey there

I am looking at updating my 1977 Chevy single axle on the cheap. I have access to a couple 16 foot steel boxes with hoists and was wondering if it would make any sense to stick one on a single axle diesel truck with air brakes and pull the other as a pup trailer? I was thinking for the trailer I could just pick up an old pup trailer at auction and fit the box on it.

I am no trucking expert so looking for some insight on this hair brain idea. Thanks in advance for the responses.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with your idea. When you are doing it on the cheap, as you say!!

Pulled my tandem pup for first couple years with a 76 Chev C60, 350ci ( 15 miles to town and good thing our yard is about 75' higher in elevation, than town).
Those cheap C60's, their driveshaft's aren't much larger than a drinking straw, but I never twisted it. Sure made that little 350 work it's heart out!!
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