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I found this add on our local swap page. I left the name off. I hope you enjoy it, and yes it really is for sale.

This truck is a good find, but it's not without issues. For anyone interested I'll send a complete list of all it's issues that I know about. With that said the truck is in overall good condition with relatively low mileage (153,000).
The bad:
1. Vehicle will only shift into gear when started from neutral. I'm told it's because of a bad brake pedal sensor or neutral safety switch. But at least the chicks still dig this truck.
2. Paint is sun baked and clear coat is peeling. But if you're a redneck you're just going to paint it camo anyways right?
3. Interior rearview mirror is missing. Who cares about the past? Just focus on the future.
4. Had an interior t.v. which is now missing. You shouldn't be watching t.v. while driving anyways. That's what cell phones are for
5. Only 1 speaker works and it sounds like ****. Perfect for listening to Justin Beiber, Kanye West, Insane clown posse, or Miley Cyrus.
6. Usual tear on driver seat that all GM"s from that timeframe seem to have. Wouldn't be right without it. Be a man and use duct tape.
7. Pulls a little when driving highway speeds. There rumble strips on the road also help with the noise produced by Brittany Spears.
8. Draw on the battery (dead battery in 2 days if vehicle is not started) The energize Bunny is as real as Santa
9. Electric locks don't work. (TV is missing anyways). Besides anyone who looks at this will feel so sorry for you they don't steal the ramen out of your glove box.
10. 4 low doesn't work. I guess this means you'll have to skip rock climbing in the Rocky mountains.
11. Blower motor is on at all times unless you pull the fuse, so the heater doesn't shut off.
(1 we live in Minnesota so this is actually a good thing. 2 also helps with the noise put out by upcoming political ads)
12. Windshield cracked. Hardly noticable when you're on your cell phone.
13. Cosmetic interior issues. Nothing a little duct tape and realtree camo seat covers can't fix.
WHEW!!! Hard parts over. Now I'm going to tell you the good. The reason why my price is $2000
1. Lowish mileage (153,000) plenty of life left for the demo derbies
2. Engine is in good shape. Which means it's not redneck enough for me.
3. Transmission shifts smooth even when under high RPM's. Important for when you're running from the cops.
4. 4WD works. (This should be a negative since drifting in the snow is easier in 2WD but hey. You want better traction, this thing has got it.)
5. Tires in good shape. Plenty of tread. Even a hint of yellow tint courtesy of my Democrat dog who thinks he owns what he didn't pay for.
6. Leather interior for burning or freezing your exposed thighs while wearing shorts.
7. No 3rd row seat which is excellent for not bringing extra children and more room for your dog or hunting gear or work gear.
8. Lots of broken things to cure your boredom for a while.
9. Battery less than a year old which is good if that parasitic draw doesn't end up killing it.
10. Automatic start. Anyone who doesn't have this will discover a new love in their life. Anyone who does. Well. You know you don't want to start living without it now.
11. Almost no rust. Rockers, corners, and fender wells are clean. This means all future rust will be truly and authentically yours.
As long as I have it I will slowly fix away issues. But the price will go up with each issue I fix.

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Have you ever heard about truck auctions? Prices can be even better than here. There are presented all kinds of things which are much cheaper than normally in stores. I’m. Sure that stuffs from this list are there and even more. Auction is a great option when you’re looking for something really expensive, but you don’t want to pay so much. I always participate in such events. I save a lot of money because of this, you definitely need to try!
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