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So far have put 38,000 KM on our Western Star.

Wow. What a nice ride.

Smoothest truck I've ever driven... especially with the new Michellin XDN2 drives and ZXA3 steers.

Plenty of power pulling 63,500 Gross.

We did a EGR disable on it, that gave us another half a mile per gallon.


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Lookin good, I'm getting a few of our "new" trucks on the road. Here's a ride difference for ya, we are jumping from '86 to '88 International 9670 spring ride very basic Safeway specials to '06 & '07 International 9200i Eagles with air ride everything :).

What engine do you have in there again? One of ours so far has EGR delete, it's a bit of a chore getting the bugs worked out of the EGR system so I'm contemplating possibly deleting the rest as well. All ours have ISX 475s.
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