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TX 66/68 or 8680 or 9600/10

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any thoughts out there in the NH community about my proposed upgrade, the 760 silver has had enough of the 25ft canola swath, i'm keenly interested to get some comments about power, capacity in comparison to the others, as well as that leveling shoe on the TX, seems no one else is going with that system?
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TX 66 is a great machine, but the engines doesn´t have the power enough. Don´t know if they ever sold the Plus models in North America. Allthough here the TX66 plus has the same hp as the the TX68. That is necessary when the wheat yield 7-8 tonnes/ha and the amount off straw going throgh the machinery is quite much with a 30´header.

I really like the 66 a lot, bulletproof and comfortable.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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