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TX trouble spots

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Looking to probably get a different NH combine. Really like the TR, but it is getting up in hours and low in metal thickness in some places. Where do TXs break? I'm looking to harvest peas, flax and cereals in normally dry conditions and I try to leave as much straw standing as possible and might consider running a stripper head at some point.

Or should I just stay with the rotaries?
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One should check the back straw beater as mine and others have had to be welded as they separate from the hubs say around 1200 hrs. The solid cylinders, Sunnybrook made them, help big time in green crops. I struggled with cracking in peas with 94 and 97 macines, but in most other crops they are good. They do save and can get a lot done. I prefer cr's. Cx's are a good step up from Tx's. A used cx 840 can do a lot of acres per year considering how much they cost. Budget is a big thing for most of us.
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