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TX trouble spots

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Looking to probably get a different NH combine. Really like the TR, but it is getting up in hours and low in metal thickness in some places. Where do TXs break? I'm looking to harvest peas, flax and cereals in normally dry conditions and I try to leave as much straw standing as possible and might consider running a stripper head at some point.

Or should I just stay with the rotaries?
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I put 1100sep hrs on a 96 model tx66 and was quite happy with it apart from the main thresher belt. Broke 3 or 4 of them and i blamed the linkage between the drive and driven drum pulleys. Always seemed to have a vibration in that area. Noticed that later tx models were different in that area. Only other comment would be time required to grease it each day. Got about 78 grease points!! Maybe not a bad thing but it sure took up some time. Run a cr these days and love it.
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