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Does anyone have or know of where I could locate a ultrasonic kit for my TX66 combine or at least be able to get the information off one. Such as manufacturer name and any numbers that maybe on it.
Thanks Dale
Dear Sir:

Do you mean the untrasonic kit for levelling the head

I will soon be manufacturing spare parts for TX-6X, but I can't tell you a date.

In the meanwhile I have a complete system for levelling the header.

I charge 2000€ for the whole system in Spain, Portugal or Southern France. I ussually install it myself for the best performance.
Do you live in Western Europe? If so, I could install it myself with little extra cost.

If not I could deliver it anywhere in the world, and give you precise instructions to install it.

You can contact me at [email protected] or at the number +34679345914.
Best regards

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As far as I am aware, the ultrasonic kit is NLA. Nor have I heard good reports on it from most people I talked to. I believe I did talk to one farmer who had one and said it was working fine. The Ultrasonic inputs were very specialized, they used a Timed pulse input that would be a nighmare to try to simulate or recreate. I have a service manual that discusses the troubleshooting at length....GREAT length!

The problem with the TX combine is they have no provision for analog sensor inputs for AHC control. They did have a "switchbox input" circuit board that allowed them to use the older NH 973 type heads...but again the card is expensive and I've heard it was quite troublesome from NH techs.

Headsight does offer a AHC update for those basically bypasses the entire automatic system on the combine, and has a controller that operates the raise/lower/tilt functions directly. It is available special order. You would still need to equip a header with ground sensors (if not already equipped).
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