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tx68 in corn

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Any one on this forum using a tx68 in corn.
I was wondering about the concave adjustment
for corn. The manual states that the concaves must
be locked down with the 8 sliding nuts and bolts on
the sides where they slide in the slots. This makes
the in cab electric adjuster for the concave clearance
so it can not be used. This is a bit of a pain because
if you set it for one variety of corn, the next variety
with a larger cob will grind up the cobs and slow the
machine down quite a bit due to the sieves getting
alot of stuff to separate out.
It would be great if i could adjust the concave Clarence
from the cab. It takes too long to loosen everything off
if you just want to try a different setting.
For example in 200 bu/acre corn the forward speed
may be 3.7 mph with an 8 row head, but the next field
could be down to 2.3 to give the sieves more time to
separate the extra broken corn cob bits out. It takes
about 30 minutes to loosen everything off and move
the concave and tighten everything back down.
Is it likely to wreck something if I tried leaving them
all loose like for wheat and soys.The semi local NH dealer
only is experienced with the rotaries.
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