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unload auger on 9610 combine

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Unload auger will not swing out
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It is probably the switch, when I was on the harvest that was an issue a few times with the 9000 series..
relay switch on auger,near the tank? I think
I believe the problem is the connector at the valvestack, remove and clean it, also what year of 9610 are we dealing with , 98 or 99, 98's have postion switch on top of unload elbow, they are known to cause unload swing issues and on occasion, header lift, 99's have a time module for swinging in and out , easily identified , under hyd. valvestack there will be two black modules, one is for valvestack one will be unload swing module, 98's will only have one, you cannot get the top postion switch anymore , and you can update to a new time module like the 99's.
I have to say that this problem plus your feederhouse problem could be related, for sure.

If these things were working when you parked your combine, and now they don't work...after sitting in the off-season, then some mice may have had some of your electrical system for dinner...

Start by looking over the wiring harness. If it gives you too much grief, it surely may be time to get the friendly JD Tech out there. My JD mechanic can run diagnostics while I am trying to get started. I know when to call for help !!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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