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Unload delay

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Does anyone know if the delay can be shorted on a new 70 series unload? I have not actually timed it, but from unload button activation, to actual unload start seems like forever. I am starting now before the cart is even under me! lol
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there is an orifice, but if you take it out, the belt slams on so fast that you go through shear bolts left and right......speaking from experience, we got a new machine in where the orifice was in the wrong line, fast on but very slow off
Maybe you have something else wrong as there is no delay on our new 9770's, just the time it takes for the belts to tighten up which is about 2 seconds. Maybe something else giving trouble like the hydraulic ram up there.
Ours is slow too. The cyllinder that engages the belts is just slow. Kept saying I was going to see if there was an orifice that could be drilled outbut never did. I would hit the button when the grain cart was coming up about 20 yards behind me.
mines like 3 or 4 seconds as well. way to slow.. But man does it unload in a hurry once it engages
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So whats different from an 08 to an 09? The two we had last year operated like they always have. These two 09's both have a huge delay. Seems like something was orficed different for safety reasons?
We demoed a 9870 and it was slower than or 60s. I'd imagine if you looked up the part numbers you would see a difference
We were having an issue on one of our 9770's where the arm connected to the ram was hitting the tensioning rod for the upper chopper belt. It would catch on that for a second then spring past or it would catch all together and never engage the unload auger belt. You can grab the arm and extend the ram by hand to check the clearance.
Was 60 series introduced as a 04 model?
As my my middle daughter used to say (15 years ago), can't member.

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Yes, my '08 is very slow. Never remembered to ask local tech about it. Guess I figured they would tell me they never heard that complaint yet.
2009 9870... almost 5 seconds from the time the button is pushed until the auger starts.

Far too slow for short runs.... very frustrating..... Bill
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