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Unload Speed up

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Just wanted to let people know that I was frustrated with the slow unload speed on our 8010. The original drive sprocket is a 25 tooth, to remedy this I purchased a 30 tooth weld a hub sprocket and the case IH bushing. I took this as well as the original sprocket to a local welding shop and they assembled it. The new sprocket is working great and sped up unloading by about 20%. Don't know how it would work in wet corn but in wheat it is working well. Anyways good luck and this is a link to a video of our harvest as well as some farm pics. Happy Harvesting!!
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That is pretty interesting 8010when. I thought of doing that last year but was afraid of having issues with the gear boxes. I guess that is what shear bolts are for. There was a Case IH combine clinic last week where I live and I asked the guy after the presentation on putting a larger sprocket on. He told me that it was supposedly tried and it did nothing because the 8010 is limited to the tube size. We use to have custom combiners come and they would put bigger sprockets on to increase their unload rate. So why wouldn't it work?? Keep us informed on how your harvest goes with the unloader. Thanks
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