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If you want a significant increase in capacity I wouldn't recommend the 2166. That's basically a 1660 with a more modern cab.

The 21/2388 has a larger rotor, longer and wider sieves and a larger, more powerful engine. The 21 is 260hp, 210 bu grain tank, the 23 is 280hp, 210 bushel tank and a 3 speed, instead of a 2 speed, rotor gearbox. Both the 2188 and 2388 have more electronics in the cab and more in cab adjustments than your 1660.

Under the sheet metal the 21 and 23 combines are essentially the same as the earlier 14 and 16 machines (and, for that matter, the current production 50/60/7088; an Axial Flow is pretty much an Axial Flow).

All of the 66 and 88 series combines provide easier access to the electrical and hydraulic components than the earlier models and the cabs are larger and quieter. The hydraulic systems are much better, also. Control placement is different but not so much that it takes long to get used to. If you want more capacity, though, you should look for an 88 series.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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