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USCHI Current Locations Map

Attention USCHI Harvester Members & Associate Members. If you haven't
already done so, sign up your businesses location on the map today.
The new Current Locations Map is a real time Locator map that shows
the location that your crew is located. Associates you can list what
services you provide to harvesters as well as your contact
information. Harvesters, list your contact information, number and
brand of machines. The maps zoom function allows you to view the exact
address of a business as well as allowing farmers to view your
location. Throughout the season, you can email or call in your new
location and your locator mark can be pin pointed to an RV Park,
Motel, Elevator, Equipment dealer etc. Once your pin is set up, all
you will have to do is send an address or town of your new location.
Participating Harvest Support Teams will also be viewable as they move
throughout the season. Email your information and location to
[email protected] today to mark your location on the map. Not a member of
USCHI? Go to U.S. Custom Harvesters Inc. and fill out the simple membership
application form and enjoy the many benefits of the largest Custom
Harvester Association in North America!

Map questions? Email: [email protected]
USCHI questions? Email: [email protected]
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