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Used 9550

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Hey I'm looking at a 2002 9550 Walker with about 1500 sep. hours. What all should I look at for wear with these hours on this machine. Thanks for the input in advance.
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It all depends where and what the machine has done. Around here 1500 sep hrs will wear out very little. If it's done only corn there will be more wear. Regardless, check all components front to back- feeder chain and drum, feeder floor, concave, rasp bars, beater, all augers and auger beds, chopper knives. I would look for ingestion damage (rocks) as much as wear.
GreenTech covered it pretty good. The augers should be a tell-tale indicator as to what the machine has been doing, unless they're fresh & all changed out...and then I would think, for sure, that the machine had been in more than its' fair share of corn.

I don't harvest any corn myself, but have several friends that do, and it amazes me how fast augers are eaten up in corn. I realize that the sheer volume is one factor, but the material itself is certainly another. and yeah, I've heard that soybeans are even worse (but NONE of those are grown around here

Look at overall condition, too. Try and see the machine in a natural state, if possible, instead of after it is detailed. I recently looked at another used combine I was/am considering. I got to see it right when the guy brought it in---before they had a chance to detail the combine, and that was a big advantage for me. I found a couple of leaks that I'm sure I would not have been able to locate after the wash boy had cleaned 'er up.
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