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Used oil boiler and insurance?

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Looking at installing a used oil boiler for heating a shop and possibly house. This boiler would be CSA approved. I plan on installing it in its own shack. My insurance agent is telling me that they will void fire coverage on any buildings hooked up to it for heat. An outdoor wood boiler would be fine with them, but not used oil. They're not worried about any possible environmental issues ie: leaking etc.

I can't wrap my head around their position. :confused:

Currently insured with Wawanesa. Anybody running a used oil boiler out there? Who are you insured with?

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I had one with Red River few years back and they had no problem with it. And it was an old used one. Ask the guys at one of the companies that makes and sells them. They probably run into that all the time.
Thanks wetfarmer. The outfit I was looking at just started selling in western canada and wasn't too sure. I will check with a few other outfits too. It wouldn't take much of an excuse to want to switch ins co s.
There are a few of these around here never heard that there was a problem with insurance. Switching insurance companies can save lots of money its just a huge pain to do.
Switching insurance companies can save lots of money its just a huge pain to do.
I just went threw that. Saving close to $5000/year. Huge pain is an understatement though.
Used oil bolier

What brand is it as I am also looking into one ? I got a quote from a fella down by Lethbridge he is a dealer for Clean Burn the red ones.

Insurance companies have some weird rules that seem to change from year to year. I was gonna try to get snow load insurance on my shop but have an attached cold storage on the end that has an open gable end. They said no insurance for that because it is not a finished/closed in end. I said so if I hang a 5000lbs door of any sort whether overhead or sliding track type off that end it is good and they say yup ??

Later Mark
Don't get me started on insurance and funny rules. My brother switched companies a couple years ago because of a quote at 20% less. Completed his home questionnaire about heating system, construction, finish, etc. Was insured for several months before they told him there would be no fire insurance on his house due to it having an oil furnace. They knew about this before he switched but they only underwrote it several months later. Was rather choked about this and switched back to the original outfit. Now he was a "new" client and his oil furnace would need to be inspected and the tank upgraded to a double wall tank. Needless to say he's on gas.

My dad was looking into the boilers. I'll check on the make of them Mark.

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