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Today many countries in the world use manure handling equipment in dairy and pig farms. In the USA, Netherlands, Germany, France and also in South East Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Manure separation technolgy is simply dewatering the manure obtained in dairy farm barns into solid and liquid phases.

For this, the manure scraper firstly is installed in the barn in order to collect the manure accumulated. Manure scraper collects the manure into a concrete pit at the end of the barn. According to the design of the dairy farm the manure scraper can chain or rope type. Following the manure collected in the raw manure pit it is transfered into the manure separator with the help of a submersible manure pump.

Manure separator dewaters the raw manure entered throught the pump and outputs solid phase on a romork of a tractor and liquid phase to the liquid manure pit. both solid and liquid manure obtained from the manure separator can be sold to market or also can be used in the dairy farm itself. Therefore a farm can recycle the raw manure from cows and use it fo its own benefits or can earn money by selling the solid manure to fertilizers.

By the use of compost turner, additionally, the solid phase can be ventilated and a compost can be obtained in 1-2 weeks.

Alternatively, a bedding composter can also be integrated to this system and the output from the bedding composter can be used as bedding material under the cows which will be hygenic and will decrease the risk of mastitis.
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