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Vanee Farm Center , Lethbridge , AB

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Are they a honest dealer , decent people ?
Looking at buying a new (low hour) TV6070 from them over the phone , and would like to know their local reputation and If what they say and how they describe the tractor would be accurate .

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Vanee Farm Centre

You should be very safe dealing sight unseen with Vanee Farm Centre. Good people work there, (sales, parts and service) and I would trust them and have for 25 years. Service dept is top notch. They would disclose any issues they could find. They value their reputation. Recently our purchases from them included a slightly used M200 MacDon swather and a year later a new 70 ft precision drill. Happy with the deals and happy with the equipment and support. Not that you will be looking for any service from them but just to give you the knowledge and satisfaction that they are a good solid helpful dealership. I'm sure you will enjoy your dealings with them. I do.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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