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Variable stream, rotor loss, dense pack.

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This is most likely a question for rice growers. With newer (rice) varieties yielding much more & the flag leaf being like a palm frond ….. to put in bluntly, S780/90’s in rice are atrocious. Rotor loss is horrendous …… & there’s seemingly not much can be done to alleviate the problem apart from drive slowly …….. & go down the road of making improved concaves & separation grates.
The rotors are variable stream jobs. They have a taper that goes way back to the third concave. The spiral pattern of the rotor elements is nothing short of resembling a big drill bit …… or auger flighting. And that’s what it does. Augers grain straight out the rear! No matter what rotor speed, concave position etc. etc. etc.
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For some reason, the “dense pack” kit is NOT INSTALLED in machines in this area for rice.
Obviously, the dense pack kit would slow material down & also push material towards the outside circumference of the rotor flow. And that’s what’s required to give at least a chance of stopping/reducing massive rotor loss in rice.

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So those with experience with variable stream rotors in rice, with dense packs installed ……. I’d appreciate your informed comments.
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In the early days of S series Rod Deere had a goal to increase throughput levels, losses be damned.
Trying to chase a certain German manufacturer.
What they learned from that exercise has carried over to X9 where they apparently also do care about losses.
Be interesting to hear how X9 performs in rice.
the new preproduction CNH twin rotor …… that we’ve nicknamed “Megabine” …… ‘cause it’s fu..en big & seriously eats anything thrown at it!
I suspect that identical unit will wear two colors of dresses.
<0.5% losses. A goal anyway.
No center belt to bring crop into feederhouse.
The dumbest use of formed stainless steel ever!
A true POS!
Within 5 years the first digit on hp will be a 1.
Guess it already is with the Nexus.
as Rod says it's how many tons you have at the end of the day that counts. Speaking of tons I don't get why North America talks pounds. Bit like saying my tallywaker is 7,000,000 thou long
Can’t wait for the defence on this.
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