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I think I dreamed that someone told me an aftermarket exhaust system was available for 620 DT tractors that adds 70 HP with the stock injection settings on that tractor model. Subsequently another time I dreamed that frequent coding had become an issue, requiring a stop engine reset with the key. I don’t know what or if any performance combination was in use in my mixed up dreams, I don’t expect to know what’s up for sure until spring. 😵‍💫
If you just did a full deletes and straight pipe or straight through style muffler, I could believe something close to that. I just looked at and old diesel power magazine from 2010 and they did egr and dpf delete and straight pipe on a 2009 6.7. No tuning other then delete tuning and they picked up 33 horsepower at the wheels. So in my mind double the displacement, double the factory horsepower= double the delete and exhaust horsepower in theory? It makes sense if you don’t think about it.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts