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Hi there,

Was rather wet for part of the corn harvest this year. With the snow threatening to fly and stick around it was go time. We barely got done a few days before Christmas as it is so no regrets.

To answer a few of the smart "bumb" questions off the bat. Yes there is corn there, yes it was worth it, no it wasn't a waist of time, yes there are actually cobs going into the combine and the field yielded 110 or so bpa spite being a un-drained swamp. HAHA, there, got it out of your system?

The reason the corn looks so short, is because on October 29th we got a very thick heavy snow storm that started out as ice rain, the ice coated the plants and the wet snow stuck to that. Almost every stalk was broken off just ABOVE the cob. The corn still stood fine but it looked terrible.

I shook the snow off this one so you can see the cob is the highest point on the plant.


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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