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Wandering display on a 76

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Concave clearance display on our new to us 76 moves up and down by 5 points while combining. At first though I was hitting toggle switch by mistake while adjusting fan, then thought we had a problem with concave, but just seems to be false readings. Anyone else run into this?
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The problem is the potentiometer linkage has to much movement in it and causes the reading to wonder.
The attachment I am sending is what they put all the new combines and I have done to all the machines in my territory. The potentiometer is built into the actuator. This makes it more accurate. It costs about $800.00. I have had this problem since 2003 on the R75's and up. This has cured the problem if the price doesn't scare you. If you do this the wires on the actuator will need to be swapped around to get it to work on the can bus.


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That pic won't display when I click it like others do.I don't need it so it don't matter but it may not work for others? I couldn't add that stuff to post if I tried so I can't speak to why it shows a blank page.
Thanks Hill Side. Be goin through machine this winter and will have many more questions as we run into situations new to us. Replies as quick as yours makes life a lot easier.
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