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Hi there,

Got a question for the guys in Western Canada since there is quite a few from there on here.

Anyway, I am in an agricultural financial operations class and today we were given our project which basically involves comparing a farming in one location to another.

I managed to get a grain farm SW Manitoba to be compared to a farming operation in Grand Island Area Nebraska.

Anyway if you guys could help answer the following questions that would be great, in this project we are more or less trying to find out equipment $$$ to acres, operating cash flows, yields ect, and need some where to start from to begin my research, as this project will continue to build through the semester as more and more questions are spun off this.

For starters the Manitoba example farm I was given the following: Find out what an average 6000 acre grain operation in SW MB ( in central division #5 it suggested) needs for the following,

1. List of required equipment and sizes
2. A typical crop rotation and factors that may change the rotation around
3. An average cost of production per acre (range) with out rent
4. Avg approx. yields for each crop possible crop in the rotation for the past 5 years, possibly classed my crop ins rating

If some one could start giving some numbers and answer them by numbered bullet that would be great, more than anything I am looking for some starting ideas before I go and officially research hard numbers in order to make sure I am on the right path so I can properly complete the project.


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WTH - someone has to be 1st:

1) 60 to 80 foot airdrill, 2 combines, high clearance sprayer, something to pull the airdrill, supporting trucks, storage

2) cereal, canola, pulse - my experience has been that the really good guys don't chase the markets a bunch - they may change the rotation to facilitate weed control

3) I'll defer to someone who's doing it now - my numbers are out of date

4) Budget yields:
Canola - 42 bushels
Spring wheat - 50 bushels
Peas - 40 bushels
Lentils - 35 bushels

I'd advise you to find a couple of real live farms and talk directly to them. I don't know anyone in SW Manitoba unless Carmen is far enough west to be considered SW but somebody here must be able to give you a couple of names.
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