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wet harvest in n. illinois not going great

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getting a real education on setting combines in 35% and up corn been through it some before but never like this. the round bars are staying reasonably clean but the grates are plugging solid blocking off the route to the rotor sensors, so we show no loss when we are actually getting loss. (10series) shaker handling real well no loss and tailings behaving. Started 2 12 rows and one 18 row 20inch in last 2 days and one in beans . Like to hear how other guys are setting for non black layered corn. we were hit to early by the freeze also
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we always have to deal with wet corn here in Austria, Europe. Moisture is normally when we start up to 40%, and we have no problems when we set the combine as followed ( 23/25 series ):

Be shure that the last 4 vanes in seperation area are at fast speed to bring the cobs out as fast as possible. The first vane we use to slow cobs in the threshing area, so we put it in slowest position, the next in middle.
We run the rotor at 250 to 350 rpm ( 1st gear), close the concaves as wide as we need to get the kernels off the cob.
Concaves in the threshing area are the large wire ones, followed by the first concave in the seperating area a keystock, then another keystock and as last a slotting grates.
Normally it works perfect then. Be shure to set rotor speed not too fast, otherwise you'll start to "mill" kernels that will plug then you combine.
Hope that works for you!!!

hey tom thanks for the info Im pretty close on everything you do except we use some round bars here with large wire otherwise I`m with you the slotted grate is interesting what`s the purpose of that?
We use the slotted grate to keep power consumption to a minimum, 'cause normally the combine gets rid of the kernels in first part of seperation area. It also prevents cobs from being smashed and filling up the shaker system!
Sorry for not reading that you use round bars, they're even better in wet corn, we use them too.
Didn't know that they are now common in the US, two years ago at Johnson Harvesting they were pretty new and only in one combine!
We add a large wire sometimes in the threshing area 2nd or 3rd to slow down crop flow!
Hope those adds will help you


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