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What chip for a 9860 STS

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I'm running a 9860 sts with a 35 foot hydro flex head in 70-100 bushel winter wheat in very steep ground combine also has a hillco leveling system on it. We are running into power problems and are going to chip the combine. wondering if anyone has done this to a 9860 and what you are running? We are thinking of going with the ADS chip but are scared 30% might be to much in the sense of melting an engine? Any one have any input on this or other chips to look into?
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HP 9000 works good on 12.5 jd engine. Have installed a couple on 9860 combines and one on a 7300 self-propelled hatvester. Only thing I would like to see on them is a switch to let you select between stock, a low power setting and high power setting like most of the other ADS boxes have. Not everybody wants a full 30 %. Alot of people would be happy with 15 %.
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