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What chip for a 9860 STS

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I'm running a 9860 sts with a 35 foot hydro flex head in 70-100 bushel winter wheat in very steep ground combine also has a hillco leveling system on it. We are running into power problems and are going to chip the combine. wondering if anyone has done this to a 9860 and what you are running? We are thinking of going with the ADS chip but are scared 30% might be to much in the sense of melting an engine? Any one have any input on this or other chips to look into?
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It's an 03 9750 that was only made for canada as far as i know. Has the bullet rotor in it now, so it should be pretty much the same thing as a 9860 other than higher unload rate...
Don't forget the weaker drive belt on the 9750 vs the 9860. Some neighbors of ours chipped their "western specials" and they couldn't keep drive belts on them to save their life. They had a pickup bed full of burnt belts at the end of the year. On a stock 9860 you can't smoke the belt it will kill the combine.
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