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-This post may end up getting moved - but, excellent question, you have a fresh perspective on machinery. The combine class system is an attempt at designation of harvesting capacity primarily based on engine size and grain tank that was developed sort of ad hoc. Many argue it is too simplistic, and does not reflect the cleaning capacity of the machine. In actuality, the engine horsepower fairly accurately reflects the possible throughput, and grain tank size is a fair index of header size capacity and, therefore, throughput potential. There are several threads on these topic in these forums.

ASABE- the governing body of engineering standards in pertinent to agriculture does not show interest in classifying combine capacity any better than current designation. The number of different metrics possible are exponential with the complexity of a combine.

I dont think i have any intro stuff, if you have a technical background, i suggest trying to find a copy of:

Engineering Principles of Agricultural Machines (Asae Textbook ; No. 6)

though it maybe out of print - you may want to check your local library for an inter-campus book loan

Also, to get a sense of what things can be measured easily on a harvester, take a look at the PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute) who at one time conducted third party evaluation of harvester for a fee.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng7932

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Hey Guys,

Being new in the field of agriculture machine, i want to learn basics (fundamental), construction and working principle of combine.

Can any one send me any .pdf , .ppt file have all the fundamentals or a soft copy of a book???

What is the meaning of Rated class for combine??


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Thanks dr.farmer
I didn't know PAMI had linked this.
Combiness this is what you were looking for.
You should take a look at this guys, if you click into full reports it also give retail price of the day, that's good for a laugh at least. How about 49,152.49 for a 1977 John Deere Sidehill 6600 Self-Propelled Combine?

One small correction dr.farmer.
There was no fee charged for evaluations but manufacturers did supply machines.
PAMI has done and still does for fee work but that's all confidential.
Thanks again dr.farmer.

By the way your Reaganomics comment was hilarious.

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