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What is the problem?

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Have 2388 with field tracker and 1020 head. When field tracker is in auto and header raised all the way up head is level when lowered the Left side goes all the way down and right side is all the way up in the air. Also when turn the round knob to HT and push the down button momentarily it only bumps down a few inches.
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The HT knob puts the header into auto-height control. It will go down until it feels the ground. The knobs to the right of it can be used to adjust sensitivity and ground pressure. There is also a rocker switch for the left-right "field tracker" adjustment. One of the dials on that row will allow you to adjust the balance of the sensors on the ends of the header to keep it level. Adjust that with the header on the ground and running. Don't worry about if the head is level when it is up.
Had 2188 and 1020 25' that had same saging problem, was very annoying. I did get it to stay level all the time by adjusting FT balance and sensitivity knobs on console...but could not tell you how. Point is, that sag is not normal, but very common and can be fixed with some persistence.
if the header isn't going down, you need to look at the mechanism on the left side of feederhouse on header going to the potentiometer. It should be updated to the rod kit if it still has the cable and spring. Your header isn't going down because it thinks it is hitting the ground. Check the rod running the length of the header. Check for dry mud, especially on the right end where the height indicator is. Make sure the header is not locked up for rigid position. Before we updated to the rod kit, the cable could turn the lever on the potentiometer around to the wrong side. The reason the left side goes all the way down is bad wiring, bad potentiometer, etc... assuming you can't fix it from the console by turning the level knob. Goodluck and ask away, try to be specific. Get an owners manual. They provide good info, along with a good local mechanic.
Ok, tinkered with it yesterday and I cannot get the round knob in the cab to work right, I used the RTC during wheat harvest and now that wont work. Where the header height indication is on the A piller, when I put the knob to RTC or HT the arrows that are end to end do not come up. The same when I try to go to float, the arrow that points down is not there.
As for the header, it is a fairly new head (bought it second hand). And yes it does have the rod and not the cable. And yes I unlocked it to flex.
The arrows not coming on concerns me that it is in the combine, but we have had problems where the sensor itself is out of adjustment and not sending the proper signal to the combine.
The pot, the wiring, or the device that runs the pot on the RIGHT side of the head that runs the field tracker is bad. My 2 cents.
I agree check the linkage, and the wires. Then replace the sensor. If you want to see if it is defiantly the sensor then switch the left and right sensor. If the problem switches sides then the sensor is bad.
Go to the owners manual and do the key switch calibration and your arrows will appear. If combine is new enough you wont have to cycle key switch but do what the book tells you. Everytime you unplug at feeder you have to recalibrate, takes 30 seconds
have you done a ground calibration? nothing will work without it. Its in the manual. turn off the the field tracker and see if ahhc works first after ground cal then see if ft works if it still goes down crooked you probably have a cut wire on the head or a bad pot but probably wire
;DTurn field tracker off, have knob in HT position for ahhc, upper rocker switch in reel position .Start engine only lower head down hold down button for 3 seconds, raise head to top hold raise button 3 more seconds when it hits to top.That calibrates head pot to combine.If head did not stop momentarly when raising in prior step, combine is not reading pot,it could be bad or its out of range.Try unhook and rehook harness from combine dirty connection or hook in wrong.If it reads pot because it stop momentary than the sensing rod under head is stuck in raise position or loosen pot mountig plate leave front bolt in take out rear bolt pivot plate down for down pivot up for raise.redrill hole if have to.height in middle, sensitivety in middle head control in ht.Sound like field tracker pot is bad or harness is brocken when field tracker is in automatic and harness is unhooked head tilt to left automaticly because there is no reading from potson head.
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