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What should New Holland Change?

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Everyone other color seems to have this type of thread, and we've been assured multiple times that company reps and execs are always on this forum.

Why don't we say what we like and don't like about the New Hollands, preferably the CRs and CXs since that is the current platform. And maybe throw out some ideas on how to make them even better.
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So I'll go first for the CRs.

Turn the engine 90 degrees so that its a straight shot to the rotors. Run the rotor drive pulley right off the main gear case and mount the driven pulley right on the back of one of the rotor gearboxes. Or else make a one piece rotor gearbox that has the driven pulley right in the center and everything contained in one housing. No need to turn any power in that situation.

Next off the maindrive case, have a shaft drive like the new Cases go down to the feedhouse. Also have a shaft go down to drive the rethreshers/return system. A 90 degree gearbox here would turn the power to drive the cleaning system and on the other side the clean grain auger, elevator, and bubble up. Finally, have a belt or a shaft to drive both the unloading system and the chopper.

Now, I guess there would be need for a beater drive, or else the cleaning system could be shifted further forward and the rotors used to carry the material above the chopper and dump it straight down without a beater, much like the Massey rotaries or the Lexions.

It would need some engineering, but probably could work well. No need for many belts that way either.
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Thats what goes between the rotor drive and driven pulleys. And case and MF both have systems without rotor belts.
the reason you have a rotor belt is so that you can have a weak link to break if nuts hits the fan. its on there for a reason. so called "fuse" if you will

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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