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What to put on my new 9120?

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I have a 7010 and am looking for more capacity and horsepower so I had the dealer out to look at getting a 8120 and for a few grand I thought well the 9120 has the power I need and more. I don't really know if I need it to be that large though. I am running a 12 row Geringhoff head with a 2162 Flex Draper. My 7010 did ok with these, but I like that 5 mph mark and never can achieve it with the 7010. The sieve capacity isn't there and hp is lacking. Most years this machine can do good but 09 was a test the wet corn wet stalks and wet ground sucked. I think I averaged 3.5 mph. If I get this monster 9120, what are a few things you pros think I should put on her anything special? I would love the advice. Thanks guys.
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We had the same dillema, needed to upgrade one of our combines and weren't sure to what. We went with the 9120, here in northern Alberta we combine alot wet and the 8010 struggles a little with power. In dry years we might not need it but hopefully it makes up for it in the tuff years. We put in the small tube rotor and the magacut chopper but haven't tried it yet.
Did not know you could get an on board air compressor. That would be great in breakdowns do blow off the machine. I don't know if a small tube rotor is for me, kinda scared. I run corn and soybeans usually around 2700 acres corn and 1300-1600 soybeans. I think Firestones are what I may go with. The Michelins would be great but 4 grand extra. My Goodyears took a crap around the bead this year, so won't be getting them again.
If your ordering a 9120 then order the tracks and don't worry about the tires. Boopy
I have not had a ST rotor but I believe it is not a great corn rotor. You may want to investigate that before buying one.
well i think it can be but with more work.. if your corn/beans go afx..if your more small grain then the st rotor is for you..

or so i was told..
I think an aftermarket hopper topper might be a good idea. I think you can get the tank up to around 440bu with a Crary Big Topper. ( ) I'm thinking of putting one on my 7120. Duals are nice for stability on slopes and at the turns at the end of the row too. It also never hurts to add a few extra fire extinguishers to the combine. Chances are you'll never use them but there's always that chance in our business....
Maybe the best advice is get a lexion. They are made of gold and can fly!!!
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Yes, casefarmer you are right. I heard the cases grind the grain up so bad that its vaporized and you wont find it on the ground, but running head to head on scale carts the Lex ALWAYS has more grain in the cart...funny thing is i hardly ever have any kernels in my tank that are cracked.
If you get a 45' head, make sure you have at least 26' (measured from center of combine to end of unloader) of unloading auger. 9120's are 24' from factory if they have the 3' extension. That gives you 1' of auger past the header. Add another 3' extension available thru parts and a Stewart Steel Extender to the end of the unloader.
I recomend ordering the on board air compressor, now available for 2010. The magnacut chopper has worked very good for us. Not sure about the small tube rotor, but farmertony has one. Don't skimp on the little things like HID lights, lateral tilt, Firestone tires, auto steer ready, and so on. These things add to your enjoyment when using it and add to the value when trading it.
Michelins are the best tire available from CNH but are hugely overpriced. Both are a very durable tire and are attractive at trade in time. Firestones are a better buy for the buck, though. Kinda like buying a hammer, a Proto might be the best, but a Craftsman is a better buy. When you're gonna beat the piss out of it (tires or hammers) the best buy for the buck makes more sense to me.
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