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Wheat production

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I took some footage during the course of the spring and summer of my wheat crop trying out some different foliar feeds and fertilizer supplements that are more commonly referred to as snake oil. Been using it for awhile now and it always exceeds my expectations. This was the our best harvest in 40 years, ill attribute that to some timely moisture but this is the first time we have ever broke the 100 bushel mark on a field as a whole. We averaged 71 across our 1000 acres of wheat this year. I'll disclose I do sell this stuff but I consume 20x more than I have sold.

Make sure you watch it in 1080p, its hard to make out the yield figure with a low resolution. I did add some subtitles during the video in case ya have some trouble seeing the monitor.
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So what was the best rate on the foliar? Also what is the cost per acre on that rate?

Looks like awesome wheat! Great job
It costs 31 cents an ounce and the recommended rate is 32oz per app, but you can apply as much as you want. I have foliar fed as well as used it with starter fertilizer with 1/2 rates. but after using it so long and done almost every trial imaginable the extra 5$ is more than worth it, it pays off better than the first 5$. I went with 96 oz's over the course of the growing season on 55 acres, the rest of the farm that averaged 71 had 64 ounces total. The nutrient package was the same all across the 1000 acres. It all got less than 40lbs of N.
At what stage are you putting it on? Do they have a website?
I'm putting it down with the drill in the fall with 10-28-0, streaming it on with N in the spring at first greenup. Then go back to your fan nozzle and put it in with C4 and the herbicide shortly after you stream on the N. Then again at flag leaf along with 16oz of C4. I did all my foliar feeding with no more than 5gal of water and haven't used fungicide in 3 years. After its all said and done you will have $56 an acre in it. Now you dont have to go with $56 an acre to get some good results. Ive tried many different ways and different rates through 4 years of using it and 3 years of harvest results. I was just really curious what the stuff would do if I just put as much as I could out there and 108 bushel an acre is what I achieved. Now it wasnt 100 everywhere, but it took a sidehill that is a 1/3 of the field and made it hang in the upper 70's and 80's. My jaw dropped when I saw 156 come on the monitor. I calibrated my machine usually once a day throughout harvest to make sure I was getting good data. We do have a website, its
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Can we get this stuff in canada?!? Would be more than interested in trying some up here!
Yep, i'll ship to Canada with no problem. PM me with your location details and how much ya are interested in trying out.
What is PGS Redline? If the PGS treated wheat was doing 70 what was the non PGS crop doing beside it that had a normal fertility package for a 70 bushel per acre crop?
PGS is a plant growth stimulant that can either be applied directly to the seed @ 6oz per bushel, mixed in with your 10-34-0 as a in furrow starter (32oz/acre) or as a standalone in a foliar situation(32oz/acre). In my test's over the years its been a consistent 20 bushel increase on both wheat and corn. The only year I didnt get a yield bump over the control was my first year trying it. In the spring I decided to NOT put any fertility via traditional fertilizers and put those dollars into my foliar products instead. The two fields yielded almost exactly the same, but I spent substantially less money to get the yield on the treated field when compared to the control. I just started raising peas so my data is limited on response on peas, but in corn and wheat the response has been really good.

The comparison (control) in the video I used made in the 30-40 bushel range. Its not my ground so I cant completely depend on what they tell me. They were pretty sore at the fact I harvested over 100bpa across the trailroad from him.

Here is a pic of my corn last summer, as you can see my neighbor's corn is looking pretty tough. He ended up chopping it for silage, I picked 90+ bushel corn. Planting dates are about 2 weeks apart and we both practice no-till.

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