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Where to level a drill?

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Our ATX 700 has a section that seems to be seeding a little bit deeper than the rest, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I know how to level it, but where do you find a good enough surface to level it to? Kinda hard to tell a quarter inch our gravel yard or in the field...
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Level it in the field. Make a pass and measure seed depth.
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I have tried to grade out a level surface and just scratch it. You really need to be at seed depth to level it properly. A cement pad or a flat spot in the yard can get it very close. Double check bushing and shafts and stuff. If loose they can allow it to not hold depth properly. The basics....
Level it in the field. Make a pass and measure seed depth.
This guy is right. Level it in the field at the speed you're going to be seeding at. It's more important the seed is uniform depth than the drill being perfectly level. On the rigid frame drills especially with narrower spacing it's not uncommon to want the front a bit higher than the back to account for dirt thrown in the back rows.
I have that same drill and agree with doing the final fine tuning in field while seeding. Usually just stop in a fairly level area and leave the drill in the ground and walk back a bit and start measuring seed depth of each row. With my low draft opener usually just poking in the edges of the furrow with a right size screw driver till you hit the hard soil will give you a good idea of the depth. I’ll do any adjustment right there and then go a ways and check again.
First though make sure your tire pressures are where they are supposed to be because that can throw out your seeding depth. Also you may have to take into account the amount of dirt sticking to the tires or especially packers if seeding in really wet conditions.
also be sure you havent bent your rockshaft on that drill. we were chasing our tail for a while and thats what we found
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