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which bin extension? 9770

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Anyone know what the transport height is on a 9760/9770 with 20.8 42s with the stock bin extensions opened up? I am trying to decide if i should buy a set of maurers to replace the stock setup, or add maurers tip up to the stock extension... Would really like the large maurer setup but concerned with the transport height. Anyone have any info or experience with these situations? thanks
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I'd say just add the tip up to the stock extension. You'll probably be able to hold just as much compared to taking the stock one off and putting a different one on. There was a bin extension question in the Case section. As I said in that one check with Harv's Farm Supply, they build the Bish Bin extension. Not sure how they compare to others as far as added capacity but they look like they may hold a little more, and they're probably no taller than any others.
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