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What Is Driving-type Small Rice Combine Harvester?

It adopts new type compound threshing structure, may ensure clean threshing and complete separation. It can automatically reap, thresh and pack rice into bags at one time. So this mini rice harvester is an ideal equipment to harvest rice in hills and mountainous areas.

We have three types: 0.5B is the normal one, 0.5E with the twice threshing, 0.5F with twice threshing and lift device. You can choose as your requirements.

Advantages of Driving-type Small Rice Combine Harvester
* Reasonable design, excellent threshing and selecting functions.
* Simple structure, flexible operation and easy to control, 1 people with bag for collecting grains.
* Low power consumption and strong compound threshing ability.
* Special wheel for paddy field.
* Stable performance, light in weight, and small volume, and carry convenience.
* Wide applicability, high efficiency, and short period for recovery of investment.
If you like to know about it, welcome to send inquiry to [email protected]
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