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White 8700 soybean setup

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Hi i am new to the forum and wasn't sure what section to post this in. I purchased a white 8700 combine a few years back and have only done corn with it. This year i planted soybean and would like to combine, but i'm not sure how to set it up correctly. My head is a 15 foot quick cut flex head. I was wondering if this combine and head does a good job or if i should hire a newer combine with a air reel at 45 per acre. Any feedback on proper setup and any tricks would be greatly appreciated.


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do you have an operators manual by chance? It has excellent info and pics. If you don't have one they can be found on ebay. There is a lot to do to switch to beans and the manual covers it very well and gives troubleshooting for crop loss, etc.

Your white 8700 will do a good job assuming its in good working order and setup correctly.
That $45 sounds kinda high for just the combining part.
These are the initial Soybean settings from my 8700 manual.

Cylinder 580-780 rpm
Concave 1 inch
Fan 780 rpm
Chaffer 1/2 open
Sieve 1/3 open
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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