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who is running an airfoil chaffer??

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am considering getting one when i order my concave and bars. how well do you like yours? i can see pros and cons to one. pro---you eliminate and adjustment area, but is that a good thing???
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I would keep your 10 series stuff unless you are unhappy with it.

ic, they must not be that popular, not much response.
I had one in my 7700 for fescue seed, it worked ok but most of the time I wished I still had a spacing adjustment.

Now with my 9600 I converted it to 10 series stuff and have no shoe related problems so no need for an airfoil.

They work great in the 7720 or 8820, but the ones I have seen in 9600s leave a lot to be disired. Excessive dockage to the point of absurd.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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