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Many of you might be thinking "why should I buy LED's instead of halogen?"

There are a few major differences in LED's and halogen:
- Lifespan, LED's will last around 50,000 hours where a standard halogen will last a few hundred to maybe 1,000.
- Light output, a standard 50w halogen puts out 15 lumens per watt, so for a 50 w light, you'll be getting around 750 lumens. An LED puts out around 80 lumens per watt, so if you got the same 50w LED light, you'd be at 4,000 lumens. A LOT more bang for the size!
- Durability, halogens are fragile and when subjected to any kind of rough terrain or constant use, will burn out. LED's are diodes and are built for the most extreme conditions, which is why all the LED lights we sell are backed with a lifetime warranty

-Extend your working hours into the night with quality LED lights. We can help you achieve what you need with the light you've been looking for. Give us a call today!
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