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Anyone had any luck finding someone who could repair a 4435 combine in Southwestern Ontario? Having issues with a leaking hydraulic line and local dealer isn't sure how to fix it. Thinks it might have burst under the grain tank but doens't know how the line is hooked to the combine and so unsure how to take it out.
No offence, but once upon a time I grew up in Ontario, and the only good John Deere dealerships I found were none. Might be able to try Premier in Mount Forest, unless that's too far north. Maple Lane (mennonite owned) has super service, a little blunt but those guys won't mess around.

In terms of your combine, I don't see why the hesitation from your dealer, I can find a 4435 on John Deere - Parts Catalog so I don't see why he's having issue on maybe parts availability or finding a diagram? A hydraulic line is a hydraulic line. I would reconsider whom you deal with to be honest, service like that isn't worth the $85-150/hr for a service tech.

If I may ask, where are you located? Did my degree at UofG.

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