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Windy Enough For Ya?

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We had a storm blow through this afternoon. A little rain, no hail, but a lot of wind.

I had bought the trailer (which had already been laid over on its right side) a couple of months ago to use for storage. We have a spot next to the shop/machine shed cleared off to park the trailer where it will be behind the shelter belt and into the wind. Just hadn't gotten it moved yet.

I checked my weather station when I got back on the house.

I guess 80+ MPH will put an empty dry van on its side, even with some (short) trees on the upwind side.

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We had high wind warnings all day not sure why we got missed so far I am guessing maybe topped out at 15 .....when I worked in Dutch harbor I seen several times when fully overloaded parked trailer hooked to tractors full of frozen fish go over that would take about 125. .... Highest gust I ever seen there was 176 ....I was allways glad that my job was on land instead of those boats.....hopefully you did not have to much crop damage
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