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Winter canola

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Are they growing any winter Canola in Ontario any more? I have always wanted to plant some here and see if I could get it to survive. Twice i the last 5 years I have had spring canola survive under the snow in winter wheat stands. At least thats what I assume happened because it was blooming when we sprayed herbicide on it. Both those years I swore the wheat was bigger in the spring than when it snowed but that would seem impossible. Anyway where can I get some Winter Canola seed? I need a distraction!
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Where did you get the seed? Fifteen years ago I had never seen what I've seen in the last few years with stuff surviving the winter. The snow tends to come of the lakes here early and heavy. I don't want to do a whole bunch. Like I said I just need a distraction and this one seems harmless enuff.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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