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Hello All,

Repair work on tractor, the fenders were removed. Wiring harness all mapped and labeled. After reassembly, the lift arms will not lower. When pressing the external lift arm button in the command of raising it, there is electrical/mechanical noise confirming all is connected. The arms will raise. However when depressing the lowering button, there is neither sound/noise/or action from the arms.

The lift arms are not known to have worked prior to the repair. But evident they are not lowering now. Is there a simple explanation or order in which operator is supposed to follow to lower? The manual is not clear on the order to follow.

A wiring schematic would be most helpful, as he is now volt testing all switches. If anyone has a schematic I would be most grateful to have a peek at this area. Any advice on this modern tractor would be appreciated. Trying my best to aid my husband and lessen his aggravation. : )

Thank you, and yes I am the wife that said :41: YOU BOUGHT A WHAT?
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