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I'm looking at a 9860 JD - 1100 sep hours, came from Pasco WA area. No idea what kinds of crops it's harvested.

I paid for a service inspection before agreeing to buy it - here's what they said. Please keep in mind this is my first rotor machine, so I'm not sure what to think. No, I haven't put a set of eyes on it yet, as it's 400 miles from home, but I am TRYING to make an effort to get to it.

As follows -

- Chaffer & sieve….will not open or close.
Shield is missing rubber strap.
Tilt Frame: Missing bolt, left side fore/aft
Feederhouse drive chain needs adjusting.
Reverser oil is low and has a leak.
Feederhouse drive belt needs adjusting.
Cam arm bearing needs inside bearing.(cleaning fan)
Clean grain elev. Upper idler bearing is out.
Discharge beater speed sensor missing hardware.
Fuel separator bowl needs clean out.
Fire extinguisher is missing.
Antifreeze level low.
Engine air filters, need replacing.
Hydraulic oil leak, weld on top of tank is leaking.
Union leaks on dual range shift.
Discharge beater strips, missing 3.
Chopper, bottom tin at stationary knives needs repair.
Primary gearcase leaks at input yoke.
Gears have wear on shoe augers.
Unloading auger shear bolts are missing.
Sieve wiring is missing a plug.
2 wing lights are out.
Trans. Oil level is low.
Final drive on LH side is low and leaking.
Inner drive wheels have been welded.
Cab filters should be replaced.
Left side rear taillight is out.

The sieve and Chaffer are supposed to be replaced new, and are touchset.

Thanks for any thoughts and comments -

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Be glad you paid for the inspection. use the bill for a tax write off and keep shopping. That's a lot of issues for those hrs, Either poor/lack of service or that particular machine is a problem child. unless it is an absolute steal leave it where it sits.

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Biggest concern I have going through your list is are the rotor and chopper balanced? Depending on how the price compares and if your maechanically inclined you may get a good deal. If the rotor or chopper are not balanced there might be a bunch of cracks forming that they overlooked. If the price is good it would be worth it to go see, start it up, that would tell you allot. Did they give you a repair quote or estimate? That will tell you allot also.

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Does it say if it has a hillside leveler on it? Can add to stress on driveline. mostly a wheat area, some beans. I would say there are a lot better combines out there with similar hours in better shape. our 9770 has 900 sep hrs and very little wrong, needs a new feeder chain.

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If they can't spare the time to top up the oil and coolant before selling it that tells how much maintenance you can expect it to have on everything else. Better be a cheap deal. Grease nipples prolly look brand new though.
I would take a good look at the rotor and sieves. If it ate a rock the beater, sieves, unloading auger and chopper are all damaged already. The feeder house feed acc and rotor are more than likely showing some damage too.
Whoever did the inspection was doing his job. Seems like an easy decision to leave this one alone. Unless they will unload it for cheap and you like fixing combines.

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I didn't see anything big on the list. I really wouldn't be scared at the right price. If you are good at wrench run it through the shop and put it in the field. He didn't find anything wrong with the threshing components, and the sieves are fixed.

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I would stay away, with all those leaks that is not a cheap fix unless you do it yourself. And who sells a combine with broken shear bolts? How did they empty the hopper? Empty it & remove the bolts? That's just one thing, there are lots of other really suspect issues. There are better deals to be had.
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