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Saw this and figured I had to share it with you guys: wanting harvest help - Brandon, Manitoba Classifieds

Sound like his oats are getting as much rain on them as my wheat is!:(

I will add the text because you never know when he gets his man and pulls the ad!

Hello, me and my buddies are looking for some help this fall. Looking for qualified combine harvester unplugger, bi****. The proper individual must have lots of experience with the 0- F*** wrench. You must own a pair of sun glasses to keep the oat dust out of your eyes while your up the rear of the combine harvester. Must be qualified at doing nothing often, and lots never. You would be on call 100% of the time. Unless it''s wet, sunny, or cloudy. The successful candidate will basicly be ours for the harvest season. We are a bit short on cash, so we will be paying with gold teeth and used light bulbs. One each per hour. Benefits included( not the health care kind) . Thanks for the interest. Must apply in person with your sunglasses. Valid drivers licence is NOT required.

Absolutely hilarious.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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